Saturday, July 04, 2009

Nick's Coup with that Post on LabourList

There has been a lot of discussion about why the Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg posted his piece on gay rights on LabourList rather than say Lib Dem Voice. My good friend Caron says that we wouldn't allow an opposition politician house room on any Lib Dem election leaflet, and quite right too. But then doesn't LDV allow guest posts from politicians and commentators from different hues. Jennie doesn't hold back on the language [so minors are warned got that Mr Leslie ;)] when she point's out her outrage at what she sees as the glorious leader shooting himself in the foot.

But if you look at the thrust of what he is saying he is saying is not preaching to the choir. Us Lib Dems would all largely agree with exactly what he is saying, indeed I said so this morning. But Nick is merely pointed out the way still to go like my take on what Tony Blair said to Attitude in April. Indeed the fact is that if I had of written that on LabourList, as Irfan says he'd have no problems with, would people have given it as much attention both in our party and in Labours. I don't think so.

It's a message that needs to get out there. It has been put out there on a day when gay people are proud to be out.

Get this. Nick has become the first public leader to endorse equal marriage rights. Yes he has done it on a Government supporting website, but he has laid down the gauntlet on London Pride day, on Labour's turf, in such a public way.

I hope the Fail on Sunday leads with a headline 'Clegg Wants Gay Marriage', or something, I really do. This is the greatest fillip for the Equal Marriage Campaign. By Nick coming out and saying this in the way he has may just be the kick that this issue needs, we shall see how the MSM and indeed the Government and Tories run with it from here.


Unknown said...

Nick could have caused the same outrage by writing the same article in the Guardian. The Fail would still have had apoplexy.

Bizarrely, our party doesn't actually have policy on equal marriage, and it's great that our leader wants that, but there are certain courtesies to be observed and he should have told us first.

It's not the end of the world, but I don't like him giving credence or credibility to a discredited semi official organ of the Labour Party.

Callum Leslie said...

The Scottish parliamentary party have ruled equal marriage as "an issue of conscience", but LYS plan to bring it to spring conference 2010. :)


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