Friday, July 31, 2009

Last Chance to Vote

At Midnight tonight the voting will finally be over and we'll all (with a few noticeable exceptions) be waiting in suspense for the results. Yes the voting phase of the Total Politics Best Blogs Poll is drawing to a close.

One of my own original draft top ten gave their reasons for why thy pulled out of the voting here. Personally having known that in the first year when I did feature that Iain Dale drew the conclusions himself and in the second year when experts in each field did much the same thing that the current system for an established glimpse into the blogopshere is fairer and more reader driven.

I can see that some people don't like the chase for votes that some people with rather more testosterone than others. I'd like to think that on my blog my own thoughts on this were to really gauge what was the best even if not from your own stable. I also use some of the points that Subrosa used in that blog post, and I hope she doesn't mind, and mentioned in the write up of this year in the Scottish Blogosphere.

So for the last time this year if you still haven't got that email off, there is still time. For full details and rules, please see this previous LDV posting. Then email your Top Ten Favourite Blogs to


Caron said...

Good post. Even though my testosterone levels are low, can I make a shameless plea for one of your ten votesN 'specially as it's my birthday:-)

Holyrood Patter said...

do you need to include links to the blog when you vote?

subrosa said...

May I thank you for considering me. I appreciate it. You know I refuse to disclose my list Stephen but you'll also be aware I read your posts regularly.

I've actually found the chase rather entertaining but, as I wrote, it's certainly more testosterone fueled in the Scottish blogosphere. I wish good luck to all of you but then I've wished HP good luck previously.

Well said Caron. Time you shamelessly made a plea. :) You certainly deserve a very good place, not least because you're friendly and courteous to all.


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