Monday, July 27, 2009

Is 'The Stig' Set to Temp in Massa's Seat

Whilst all Formula One fan are wishing Felipe Massa a speeding and full recovery, practicalities do have to be looked as the season moves on. It is unlikely that Massa will return to drive at the European Grand Prix at Valencia, if at all this season. So will fill the second seat alongside Kimi Raikkonen?

The third driver for the Scuderia is Mark Gene. But less that 48 hours after the spring bounced off the car of Reubens Barrichello and bounced down the track to hit Felipe on the head it is rumoured he will not be risked. Luca Badoer is also a name that is floating about.

However, the Times today points out that there is another man with a Super Licence still contracted to the team of the prancing horse. The man who recently walked unto the set of Top Gear dressed in the recognised overalls and helmet of the Stig and removed that helmet.

Having had one seven time champion in Lance Armstrong recently come out of retirement to return to his old hunting ground of the Tour de France, is another seven time champion about to sit back in the famous red liveried car? Will we see Michael Schumacher return to the grid rather than merely standing on the pit wall?

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Unknown said...

Well, he's denied it, and so has Willi Weber, so it's a definite possiblility:-)

Another name in the frame is Alonso, especially now that Renault has been told it can't take part in Valencia. I don't really think it'll happen, but there's been speculation about Alonso and Ferrari for so long, similarly denied, that it might be a starter, particularly as I personally would be very surprised if Massa returns, even if as expected he makes a full recovery, before the end of the season. He took some bang on the head, bless him.


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