Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Forty Eight Hours

I'm a bit concerned that all the clocks in Bloggerdom appear to be running a little fast. As a horologist this is very disconcenting.

Now you have until midnight on Fridar to vote. That is 2 days or 2880 minutes from Midnight Wednesday or now.

LibDemVoice that the bongs for 10 o'clock tonight left 48 hours but this is of course 50. Norfolk Blogger thought it was the case at 17:49, but when even the Blogmeister Mr Dale himself thought so at 18:48 who can blame the others.

But Yes, that’s right folks now really it is only 48 hours to go. You have until midnight this Friday to cast your votes in the Total Politics poll of Top 10 favourite blogs. This year, the poll is being co-promoted by Lib Dem Voice, LabourList and Iain Dale’s Diary.

For full details and rules, please see our previous LDV posting. Then email your Top Ten Favourite Blogs to

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