Thursday, July 30, 2009

Even Pearse Flynn Urges Massone to Go

The man who sold the controlling interest in Livingston to Angelo Massone for £1 last summer, former owner and Chairman Pearse Flynn, has urged the Italian to 'do the right thing before it is too late'; ie 2pm this afternoon.

Speaking in today's West Lothian Courier he says when he sold the club there was £278,000 of debt. Massone has been saying in recent weeks that the club had been left crippling debts, but nowhere near the £1.8 that the administrator is reportedly saying exist. Chairman of the Livi for Life Supporters Trust and shareholder under both Flynn and Massone Ged Nixon added:

"It is frightening, knowing what he inherited and what the declared liability was, compared to now.

"He insists he has put £500,000 into the club but whatever you believe, if we take him at his word then he has lost something in the region of £1million on top of that which is simply not possible for a club the size of Livingston."

When from a fans point of view you consider that the star players have been sold in the last 12 months, Graham Dorrans to West Brom, Dave MacKay and Murray Davidson to St. Johnstone and Leigh Griffiths to Dundee, even if for cheap valuations one has to wonder how?

Pearse Flynn said:

"I sold the club to him for £1 with debts of £278,000 while he claimed to have £1.6m to invest in the club.

"I remember saying to [Massone] that if he didn't have the money then not to get involved.

"I don't feel good at all about what has happened since he has taken over."

He also urged the current owner to accept the £25,000 that is on the table but personally thinks he should get nothing for the mess he has made of the club.

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Caron said...

Hang on, I haven't been following this story terribly closely although I am sympathetic, but are you telling me that this eejit bought the club for £1 and is wanting £25000 back - and it's gone to the wall under his leadership? That's a disgrace.

I had a worse word than eejit but changed it at the last gasp.


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