Tuesday, June 30, 2009

This Italian Job May End Up Falling Off the Ledge

Today may be the day that the Italian job at Livingston FC finally goes from tittering on the edge to the big drop over the edge.

All season long the chairman Angelo Massone has been reassuring fans that there is nothing to worry about. That there was no financial problems to concern ourselves with. However, what he didn't realise is that with a family club like Livingston a lot of us die hard fans know people who are employed or who's services are used by the club. When club employees who are ever present both home and away fail to turn up on coaches to away games on the weekend after what is meant to be pay day we noticed.

He was denying he needed help as late as the middle of this month. But help had been offered, others were even interested in taking the club over. But all Massone seemed to want to do was chide the fans. Some of whom have been with the club since Ferranti days. Many of those that remain have tasted the crest of the wave on the climb to the third best team in the SPL and UEFA cup football, through the CIS Cup triumph but are still there no matter how dark things have been the last 5 years. These are the not the people to blame for the state of the club these are the lifeblood.

However, over the weekend with the deadline of 30 June for a £280,000 rent bill due to the Council Massone finally publicly said there were difficulties. There had been offers by others including former Cowdenbeath owner Gordon McDougall, and former Dumbarton owner Neil Rankine but if there is enough time left for any of them along with the Livi for Life Trust to save the club we shall have to wait and see today.

So if I am in mourning the demise of the team I've supported since before I actually lived in West Lothian by tomorrow evening may I respectfully ask for some privacy for me and my family of fellow Livi fans.

Update: A little bit of hope is that Gordon McDougall does seem determined to step in, even if Massone puts the club into adminstration later today.

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