Friday, June 19, 2009

Save Football Parties - Are They Kicked Out of Touch?

Somebody mentioned to me last night in light of my football clubs failure to pay the electricity bill that if Jim Devine does call a second Livingston by election there may be a repeat of the Hamilton South by election. In that election there was a Save the Accies candidate in the current climate there could be a Save the Lions by election candidate.

Now I largely keep my football and political lives separate however my football supporting live does often allow me the chance to talk to councillors from both the Labour and SNP sides of West Lothian council in a relaxed setting. Football is largely non-political and certain while an MP should do all it can to help the local team a one issue candidate to save the team is just that a one issue candidate. If elected he/she may be lucky to discuss the fate of the team once in the remaining Parliamentary time, including question times to Prime, Scottish and Culture Ministers. Plus you have no idea how they would stand or how they vote on many other issues, indeed the diversity of Livingtson fans would not agree on all of that anyway (I know from personal experience in the forums).

Of course there is always the possibility that one of the candidates could be someone who is concerned about the survival of the team they also happen to support.

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