Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Nats to Table Dissolution Motion

Today is day 2 of Nick Clegg's 100 days to reform Parliament but the Nats, both the SNP and Plaid Cymru, are going to turn this over to a vote next Wednesday, pre-reformation of any substantive kind. Advanced Media Watch an SNP blog is saying that the Lib Dems 'have signalled that they intend to back it' and that William Hague is making promising noises from the Conservative benches. It is not however a vote of no confidence in the Government but a more substantial motion that would none the less trigger a general election if passed.

Of course we are calling for an election but Nick has also said that an immediate election without reform in place before hand may only lead to 5 years of umming and ahing until whoever wins is forced to call another one. Hoping that the public mood will die down in the interim. Yes an election has got to be called soon. But Labour, the Tories and now the Nats are all saying what they will do 'after' an election to sort of the mess, not what needs to be done before one to re-engage the trust, and make provision for mistrust, of the electorate in those they will be asked to vote for.

As it appears that we will be backing it along with Her Majesties Official opposition it remains to be seen what the rest of the Labour Party will do. Those that are wanting to stay may want to call it to show an understanding of the public mood. Those that have indicated they want to go may want to get their severance deals now to avoid more heartache. Those who have been called before the NEC may also vote for it in the hope to get hold of their pension before they may be forced to face a by election and loss their benefits. If could be a interesting job for the Labour whips to try and defend this one.

Maybe that I am postponing post election downtime with loved one(s) for some time depending on the outcome of the vote. Go to the Ballot Boxes and preparre to maybe campaign again. Boy does that make my aching feet ache even more.

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Anonymous said...

Calman about to report on the 15th and it looks like a 'massive slap in the face' for the Liberal Democrats.

The question is, does what Calman is recommending need a clear mandate from the Scottish people?

How would the unionist parties say no to a referendum that includes:

1. Status Quo
2. Calman
3. Independence

Do you think the 'unionist' vote would be divided between 'status quo' and 'calman'?


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