Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Lion Wants to Roar

I've just heard on the news Signor Angelo the chairman of Livingston say that he 'deliberately' failed to pay Scottish Power the electricity bill to teach the fans a less.

Now Mister Stephen has travelled with the team from Dumfries to Dingwall and many spots in between, he is not alone. In the 2007-8 season he actually only missed 2 games home or away one because he was home and one as he was working on January 2nd. He'd also attended all the home pre-season games. Is this the type of fan that Signor Angelo wants to teach a lesson, I would hope not. These are the fans that are the life blood of any club. These are the fans that have stayed with the club through Dominic Keane, Pierce Flynne and now Angelo Massone. For the last 5 years if has been a constant game of can we trust the Chairman. The latest Latin occupant of the role is not doing very well for his business model.

I know of many fans who are not sure that they should part with £240 or £280 for a season's long commitment because of the lack of paying bills and players through the last twelve months. Holders of season tickets would come very low down the list of creditors when it comes to a club going insolvent and for many Livi fans that is a barrel we have faced down for too long.

Now Mister Stephen has a valid reason for not buying a season ticket at this stage. We are heading into a general election year he is not going to get to many if any games this upcoming season. He may well only turn up on the worse weather days when any campaigning would seem pointless. However he does hope as in 2005 to get to any final games after the general election is out of the way, if that is I still have a seat in my club's stand to watch players still employed.


Will said...

Good luck wading through the off-the-field troubles... if Massone really wanted to 'teach the fans a lesson', maybe he should be following the Mike Ashley example and quitting with the money he claims to have, but that the club never sees.

One question though, what to my beloved Latics (pictured) have to do with this?

Fair enough, we have a rich, slightly barking mad chairman as well, but we couldn't ask for a better owner and he's a vast improvement on the Bill Kenyon days...

Caron said...

What on earth is this all about? Teach the fans a lesson? Who does he think he is? Max Mosley?

Stephen Glenn said...

Will was just looking for a football related lights go out picture and Wigan was it.

I know. Mind you there is no way I'm buying a season ticket in election year.

Will said...

Ah, of course, THAT League Cup Semi-Final, First Leg, with Scharner scoring on his debut and the floodlights conking out around the 70th minute. A handful of ironic cheers around the ground, as Jimmy Bullard kept on playing, even attempting a shot that, needless to say, went nowhere near the goal.

Perhaps Jimmy's play to the whistle mentality could serve as a metaphor for fans... the lights have gone out, but the game hasn't been stopped yet.


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