Friday, June 26, 2009

King of Pop Moonwalks off Stage for the Final Curtain

Love him or loathe him the startling news of this morning is that Michael Jackson has died at the age of fifty.

The man who apparently slept in an oxygen tent to extend his life, who had extensive cosmetic surgery to drastically change his look. The King of Pop who was about to embark on a comeback tour will no more moonwalk across the stage.

His financial troubles and the child abuse claims will of course tarnish the life of the man who spent his entire life in the public eye, since he first appeared aged 5 on stage with his four elder brothers in the Jackson 5. He started to tour professionally at the age of 11. There was still a buzz as the tickets for the tour he was rehearsing for were whipped up and many people couldn't manage to get hold of one for the sell out tour.

However, he was stressed about this comeback and his brother Jermaine has just said that he died of suspected cardiac arrest. The medical team spent over an hour trying to resuscitate him. Of course Michael had three children Prince Michael, Paris Michael and Prince Michael II the latter who was infamously held by one hand from a fourth floor Berlin hotel window by Michael. These kids no matter anyone's personal view of Jackson have been left without a father.
He may be millions of dollars in debt but I doubt that unlike that other child prodigy who wrote many great tunes, Mozart, that Michael will end up in a pauper's grave.
Update: It is now 12 minutes into what normally the World Business report on the BBC and the Business correspondent has finally appeared. But only it appears to talk about the business acumen, or lack of it, of Michael Jackson. Now off to the 'gossip' columnist of the National Enquirer. May have to go to Radio 4 for other news.

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