Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Jim Devine's Empty Promise

The anorak in me has a hoard of past election literature. It took me all of 2 seconds earlier to lay my hands on the Livingston by election literature. Flicking through it I noticed that a relative of the employee who allegedly got paid £60 of the thousands Devine claimed for travel expenses around the constituency is featured as one of the endorsers.

But what I was really looking for where the words. In the Election Communication that would have been addressed to me if Labour had used an up to date rolling electoral register from 10 months before the 2005 Livingston by Election Jim Devine wrote the following:

"Dear Friend,

"The by-election on 29th September is one nobody wanted. Robin Cook was a true giant of British politics, a highly respected MP for West Lothian and a friend.

"Robin and I worked closely together for over two decades, most recently on the St John's hospital and bringing new jobs to West Lothian - but Robin was not one to rest on his laurels, and I know he would demand a new strong voice for West Lothian - a Labour voice with Labour values.

"West Lothian matters to me. I was born and raised in Blackburn and I have worked on the NHS here. If elected I will build on Robin's legacy. I am committed to being an MP on your side - dealing with your concerns.

"I'll demand action. I'm not afraid to take a tough stance to make West Lothian better for all of us. Thatt's why I'm determined to get tough on the drug dealers who destroy too many of our kids lives - enough is enough.

"I will always put the people of our area first. But I need you to vote for me on 29th September. Without that I can't do anything. But with your support I will work tirelessly to make West Lothian a better place.

"Jim Devine."

Says a lot really and most of it now pretty hollow. Where are those values now Devine?

Who's not afraid to take a tough stance? Actually when has Jim Devine ever voted against the Government, even if it was for the betterment of others or Parliament? Answer I can't find one occasion he took a tough decision that wasn't handed down to him to take.

As for it being better for all of us. Only if you know something about shelves or electricity it would seem.

Did he always put the people of Livingston first? When it came to claiming for phantom shelves or paying a phantom company Devine should really have called Rentaghost (though that's not claimable on expenses).

Tam Daylell gave us the West Lothian Question. Jim Devine gives us the West Lothian trivia question.

Which MP was brought down by an expenses scandal having never faced a General Election vote?


Caron said...

To be fair to him, he did resign over rhe renewal of Trident, but it's the one rebel vote he made in nearly 4 years.

He ended up just being another bit of Labour lobby fodder - it was hard to see this after being used to Robin Cook.

Stephen Glenn said...

Oh yes Caron I'd forgotten that ONE. Silly me.


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