Wednesday, May 06, 2009

We are now in Election Year

Four years ago at this time I was just about dozing off after attending my first General Election count as candidate. Making my thanks and concession speech third at some point after the declaration at 1:45am. At a point which is now about a 5 minute walk from where I live.

Just before eaving Bathgate Leisure centre there was first a cheer from the SNP for one of their gains, followed swiftly by Lib Dems ones as we saw Jo Swinson take East Dunbartonshire. Then I retired to Caron's as we nervously waiting for results like Edinburgh South to role in. At some point Caron (who wasn't drinking unlike me) drove me home. I lay on the sofa watching the late results before my partner at the time came down and headed out out for work. I knew that the Northern Ireland results plus a few of the remote ones would be coming through in a few hours so now was the time four years ago to catch some sleep. After being awake for 30+ hours.

Therefore we are four years in from 05.05.05 there will be a Westminster General Election called in the next 12 months. Bet that for a prediction Nostrodamus.

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