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Towel Day 2009 DNA Tribute 1

On 11 May 2001 the world lost Douglas Noel Adams the writer of The Hitchikers Guide to Galaxy, on the following year on the nearest Saturday and every year since the Scottish Researchers Group of H2G2 have net in Douglas' honour. H2G2 itself turned 10 in the 28th April.

The site was a precurser of Wikipedia and was Douglas' vision to become a living embodiment of the electronic guide of his magnus opus through users contributions. Several writers have contributed over 100 items which are entirely their own work the first two were an Nothern Irish researcher called Demon Drawer and an Pennslyvanian called Jimi X*, the former will also be known to you as the writer of this blog. As I am off celebrating Towel Day today after I attend the Linlithgow Street Fair I will not be blogging any original content. But I will be posting some of Demon Drawer's contributions honouring Douglas and his work at 42 minutes past the hour from now until.

First some poetry:

Final Moment - Douglas Adams, Santa Barbara, Ca. 11 May, 2001
'Life! Don't talk to me about life'
As now I fear it may be passing me by.
Finally I'm in Hollywood, their going to make my film,
Why now is life slipping from me, why?
Who is going to give words for Arthur Dent to say?
No one else can bring my opus to the screen!
If only I'd met dealines there would at least be words,
But if it;s not completed fans will scream.
Oh no. What is that pain down my left hand side?
Is that what that paranoid android of mine felt?
Only I do not have and diodes, and I have work to do
I don't Ford Prefect but Clark Kent.
Life, the Universe and Everything are slipping away.
What am I supposred to say or do?
If there is an answer to all this
It had beter not turn out to be forty two.
Stephen Glenn 16 May 2001
AKA Demon Drawer

*Neither of these are their real names but thier H2G2 nomme de plumes.

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An said...

We miss you, Douglas. :-(

I'm looking forward to Towel Day.

Let's all celebrate!


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