Monday, May 18, 2009

Tick Tock....When Will Speaker be gone?

After this afternoon's statement followed by stumblings over just what sort of motion was being raised against him surely the clock is ticking on Michael Martin speaker of the house of commons. But just when will it stop ticking. I see there being 6 options.

  1. He will go himself before tonight. He'll realise just how much feeling there is against him. Maybe the party leaders will even take up the offer to see him early and they may all already be gathering to advise him to go.

  2. Before the House rises in tomorrow. Having had a night to think about it, he will go before the Motion of Confidence is present on the order paper.

  3. He will be ousted during business tomorrow. If he fails to allow a debate on the motion of no confidence in himself there may well be a sucession of points of order asking him to move to the debate. The order of the House will be lost and the Government will have no option but to move the debate they wanted to avoid will procede and the Speaker will go dishonourably on a vote.

  4. He will go in two days time when he does convene the meetings of the leader. Already the actions of Cameron and Brown are tacit indications that their support has been lifted so as no to hinded others to make their choices. That meeting should be the final nail in the coffin if he survives that long.

  5. He may come to an agreement that he will go at the Summer recess ready for a sucessor to be selected when the House returns.

  6. The final option which seems most unlikely is that he will survive until the General Election is called. However, if he lasts that long the public and many in the House will not be happy.

These are the various choses. I've set up a poll in the side bar take a vote as to how long you think we'll have the current speaker.

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