Tuesday, May 05, 2009

May 1979 Meme

I see Iain Dale Tory Originals has a May 1979 Meme. So I thought I'd take part.

How old were you? Nine

What are your personal political memories, if you have any? Not so much the General election but the Euro election the following month was moving day for us. So we were off to the new house laying carpets and packing boxes at the old one etc. I was leaving the childhood home I'd grown up in as a toddler to the one where my widowed mother still lives.

Political Views Held? The only strong one I held was I wanted the Northern Ireland fighting to stop. A few years later I would definitely have seem

Where did you live? Bangor, North Down (the maverick constituency)

School/College/Workplace? Grange Park Primary

Favourite TV Programmes? Grange Hill for the link to my own school's name, Multi Coloured Swap Shop.

Favourite Band/Music/etc..? Wasn't into music back then, TOTP either clashed with piano lessons or Boys Brigade through most of my youth.

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