Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Trump to Challenge God on Shifting Sands

I know you don't get a lot of them in Manhatten and he is a very busy man which may have prevented him looking in a dictionary, but sure one his Apprentices could have looked up this.

Dune n. a ridge of sand created by the wind; found in deserts or near lakes and oceans. Dunes are capable of moving by the motion of their individual grains but usually keep the same shape.

What leads me to define something I grew up spending many happy summers playing in at Portrush or Portstewart. Well this blog post by my good friend Debra Storr about this open letter, so open in fact that the addressee, Debra, got it almost 6 hours after the members of the press. James at the Two Doctors has already done a pretty good dissection of the letter here so I won't bother doing that. However, I will look look at some other things that we have learnt about Donald Trump.

  • He is more interested in his own publicity that dealing with the situation. I mean the letter is addressed to Debra Storr, yet she only got a direct copy from him 6 hours after the press. Now I know that the Internet doesn't go that significantly slower up in Balmedie, unless Debra in the past has been pre-empting my responses six hours in advance for chat conversations online.
  • The greater public scrutiny than any other project in Scottish history allegedly had some of Trumps minions in the offices of a Holyrood minister while calling the planning application in. The original refusal had suggestions for a resubmission that would be looked upon more favourably by the committee, in most situations these are the customary and proper channels not going running to you golfing buddy who happens to the be the First Minister.
  • Donald believes he can stabilise the Menie Dunes. So clearly once he has dealt with Debra he expects to take on he Lord God Almighty. Taking him up on a charge of shifting sands while his back is turned.

Personally I think God has nothing to fear from a writ from Trump Tower for a while set, Donald has to get around the indomitable Debra first, plus a fair larger amount of public support than he is prepared to acknowledge.

The only embarrassment in all this is how Donald Trump chooses to operate his business operations. For doing things the way he has been doing he deserves to be fired.

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subrosa said...

Although I'm on the outside looking in at this I found Trump's letter appalling.


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