Saturday, April 25, 2009

Time to 'straighten' out the erroneous teaching

I see that Joseph Nicolosi visit to London to speak to an Anglican group today to talk about curing homosexuality has already sparked response from Costigan Quist and Andrew Reeves. With someone revising for exams this week I've been getting the odd rant about somethings that are written in the core psychology texts for all students in the UK. I was waiting for him to get the citations for me as the books are loaned from a friend but I feel you need to see them now.

'psychotherary also deals with socially sensitive issues such as curing conditions
such as homosexuality'


'[aversion therapy's] potential to treat other conditions such as homosexuality'

First of all I applaud the British Medical Association, the Department of Health and British Psychological Society who are constantly reminding the misinformed that homosexuality is not an illness. As such it is not something that can be cured, though there are people who may need help in dealing with it in whatever way they chose that is not the same as a cure to homosexuality.

However, what we do need to do is rid the textbooks of our future mental health professions on cures or treatments for the 'condition' of homosexuality.

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Mr. Mxyzptlk said...

I disagree on your view on aversion therapy I myself did one harbor illicit feelings towards other males.

Father being wise in the ways of this world build a contrivance..
whereby pics of attractive males would be shown to me and if they elicited any response (such as the pupil of my eyes dilated or indeed getting a hard on) I being wired up
by my todger would receive an massive electric shock.

I can vouch for the efficacy of this treatment as i now have no feelings(apart from the normal range) towards males what so ever...

But do have a deep emotional committed to my car battery...


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