Thursday, April 09, 2009

Right Wing Bloggers Need Beauty Sleep? - Mr Eugenides

Mr Eugenides jumped to the defence of the Right Wing Blogpsphere's silence over the Guardian's Ian Tomlinson video. In response to James Graham he said that they all needed an early night, or were out drinking, or as I did read from the Blogfather Iain Dale was at the movies.

Now the 8 o'clock publication time hardly holds much water on most weekday evenings. I've seen the right wing blogosphere light up at that sort of time when something that Labour or indeed the Lib Dems have said has be highlighted by someone at around that time. Their blogrolls will have been telling them that this news was breaking and was breaking all over the blogosphere. At various times gauging on my own tracks I was listed on CNN, MSNBC and ABC in the States as a blog about this particular story. Though with so many stories about it I appear to have not been there long on any of them.

8pm is not particularly late especially on a day when there is Champions League football on. The Tories with David Davis, championed of course by Iain Dale have been trying to say they are standing up for civil liberties. The fact that none of them took the time to even pass comment the evening of that breaking news story does show how 'seriously' they are taking them.

After I posted my own comments I went to Lib Dem Blogs to see that already there were a number of stories up from our side about this. I admit I was watching the football and got to the news late 21:56 but I got there. None of the right wing football fans did. Oh the argument that none of them know is hogwash I saw several of them Twittering away after the news broke on applications that would have given them feeds from some of their followees which would have told them it was going on.


Iain Dale said...

Stephen, I was indeed at the movies and immediately afterwards I went to Sky to do the paper review. That was the first time I saw the video. I could have blogged at Sky, but I was a tad usy reading the papers and preparing for the paper review. The Guardian arrived late so it was only some time after 11pm that I even saw their front page (contrary to the mad rantings of Tim Ireland). I used it as my lead story and spoke out strongly as anyone who saw it could testify to.

I blogged about it early the next morning in fairly trenchant terms.

This sort of post does you little credit, if I may say.

Oh, and it's Davis, not Davies.

Stephen Glenn said...

Iain I wasn't expecting you to do so your movements were documented in advance. Sadly I didn't see the review at 11:30 as I was getting up at 5:00 the following morning so my apologises for any misdirected and misfelt criticism on your part.

The fact that both you and Guido were otherwise occupied and the rest of the Right Wing blogopshere did seem to not react immediately may actually point to a failing on the RW blogosphere's part. There are leaders and others follow. With the Lib Dems that does not appear to be the case as almost anyone of us can break something without reference back to something we're seen somewhere else.

Just an observation possibly highlighted by the events of Tuesday evening.

Gel-Nails said...
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Jock Coats said...

With respect Stephen, whilst I don't quite know what you and James Graham are calling "right wing blogs" (James certainly included some libertarians as opposed to Tories in his list of blogs where he would have hoped to find something), as I documented on James's post about this, at least six libertarian bloggers (just amongst those I have in my RSS feeds) had posted about it before 10pm, Tuesday. It does rather seem to me that people are making something of not only a non-story, but a provably incorrect one at that.

Stephen Glenn said...

In that case Jock I do apologise the ones I follow on my blog roll or Twitter seemed to not be the ones that were commenting.

Stephen Glenn said...

Or my RSS feed for that matter.

As I did say the fact that Iain and Guido clearly were not present is acceptable, I wasn't expecting everyone to do so just some out of all that list.

Jess The Dog said...

I had a rant last night and I would consider myself right of centre....

No-one reads mine anyway!

As an aside, if any current or former RBS employees want to see Fred the Shred face some sort of sanction, sign this petition to the PM! Goodwin has an honorary rank with the Royal Auxiliary Air Force, in effect a public duty. Of course, he can't perform this role with any credibility now!

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