Thursday, April 16, 2009

Piers Morgan is a Snob

My cousin has drawn my attention to this story regarding the recording of Susan Boyle for her bit on Britain's Got Talent. What struck me most was the insult to Blackburn in West Lothian from Piers Morgan one of the judges.

JUDGE Piers Morgan has branded Susan Boyle's hometown of Blackburn, West
Lothian, "a dump".

A camera crew filming the Britain's Got Talent singer were ordered to shoot in nearby Bathgate instead after the area "appalled" Morgan.

Camera crews were supposed to visit the village and film in locations including the community centre and the run-down council estate.

Whilst crew members diplomatically described the views as being "too bland", Morgan announced "it's a dump".

One thing that the sudden shock that swept across the judges and the audience when Susan opened her voice on Saturday was that you can't judge a book by it's cover. Now Bathgate may have some more picturesque buildings from being the major town in the area. Blackburn largely grew up to accommodate workers for the nearby Leyland plant*. But to refuse to film there to show Susan Boyles story is a disgrace.

Camera's did something slightly similar with Leon Jackson when he won the X-Factor in 2007. They didn't film his particular estate in much detail but picked out some of the more affluent areas of Whitburn and took him to the multi-million pound MacArthur Glen Retail Centre in Livingston where he once worked for his pre-final performance.

Personally I'm proud of Susan, Leon and Kerry McGregor another West Lothian X-Factor Finalist from the year before Leon. They are fine examples of the talent within the county and irrespective of what sort of house they call home we are all proud that they have gone up in front of the cameras and shown the UK (even the world) just how much talent they have.

As for Piers Stefan Pughe-Morgan who is allegedly named after the brewery heir Piers Courage I say come up to Blackburn and spent some time with the people. Maybe go to the community centre and Susan's estate (if they'll let you) and find out just what sort of friendly people they really are. Just don't judge the book by its cover.

*One of the interesting facts I picked up while out postering at election times from the other local activists.


sm753 said...

"Piers Morgan is a snob"?

"Piers Morgan is a twot" would be more accurate.

This is a person who, if left in a room with any member of HM Services for more than 5 minutes, would not emerge alive.

Try doing a search on "his" name at

Caron said...

Piers' brother is in the Army and has served in Iraq so I'd take issue with that point - and I think it was great that he took the decision for the Daily Mirror to oppose the Iraq war. It's one of his saving graces when his supercilious smugness makes you want to throw up.

Disagreeing with the political reasons for going to war is not the same as not supporting our troops.

It has become clear that not everyone in US or UK run jails in Iraq got the treatment they had the right to expect - Morgan may have stuffed up on the detail of his story, but not on the fact that it was happening. He is to be commended for that, I think.

subrosa said...

I seldom watch TV but I'll certainly watch Susan's progress.


Caron... The Mirror may have been opposed to the Iraq War but this oaf published false allegations that put the lives of our troops at a greater risk than BEFORE his unverified and later false / faked photos of "soldiers abusing Iraqis" - so, yes he is still a "twot" and a pompous one at that.. in fact famous for actually being one!


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