Monday, April 20, 2009

It Rumbles On

You know when something is bad for Labour when the biggest unions tell them to stop it. So with Unison taking the public stage and telling Gordon Brown to end the 'childish venom' of email smears you have to take note.

Two interesting things of note this first is that this message will be delivered by the General Secretary of the union. Not some spokesperson but the head honcho. Therefore this is a message for the top, ie the Prime Minister. Irrespective of what Gordon, Neil Kinnock. Peter Mandelson or anyone else with authority in Labour is saying about him being too busy to maintain his control freakishness over strategy for his own mandate. This message Gordon is for you.

The second is the language:

"The Government is losing us. It is losing the support and trust of health and public sector workers in their droves." The country was in a mess and "we look to the Government to come up with serious solutions, not to waste time in childish venom".

This is cutting stuff. Lose of support and trust of one of the largest unions covering a wide range of public sector employees is not a good thing for a Labour Prime Minister, this is the very heart of their support we're talking about. Also to use the term 'childish venom' shows how little respect there currently is for the recently exposed strategy that is still the talk of things at the start of budget week. Questions are still be asked about the emails of smeargate even if they are being tagged unto the end of questions about the budget almost everywhere you look or listen this past weekend.

Emerge from that Darling if you can.


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