Saturday, April 11, 2009

Inappropriate and Immaturity Leads to Resignation

***Breaking News*** Damian McBride the advisor who has sent the immature and juvenile emails to Derek Draper has resigned.

The blogosphere has hit the main news headlines today over the news that Damian McBride had sent inappropriate and juvenile emails to Derek Draper to set up a new attack blog called Red Rag which looks like Draper was planning to set up the Sport type of blog to attack the Tories.

Derek Draper has since tried his best to distance himself from soliciting this sort of email, earlier today saying he had not received emails from McBride. However, even his apology throws up pre-meditation and others apart from him and Damian McBride appear to have sensibly steered clear of this:

"But I felt strongly that such gossip wasn´t suitable for LabourList and kicked around the idea of setting up another blog, Red Rag, where such stories might be published.

"I mentioned this idea to a few friends asking if they knew of any good gossip that was doing the rounds. Some of them said they weren't interested, but one of them, who works in Downing Street, responded by sending back some details of stories that were being gossiped about in Westminster."

Apparently the Prime Minister's Office has issued a statement saying there is "no space in politics for dissemination or publication of material of this kind".

Derek Draper has also just said on Sky that is a disgrace that anybody should wanted to read other people's emails. Maybe he should have a word with Jacqui Smith as surely this is exactly Labour policy. But maybe the point should be that you shouldn't be looking to receive such emails even if it is for an idea that fails to take off.

Sadly since Draper has come into the blogosphere the way his has acted means that this is not out of character. The fact that he has thus far failed to take this further doesn't mean that he may not in the future.

Derek Draper along with Damian McBride should be charged with attempting to bring the political blogosphere into disrepute. Yes in the past we have always had differences in political ideology but we largely had a friendly co-existence. In the post-Draper period there is sadly a new sense of suspicion in certain circles. The fact that today the blogosphere is dominating the news for all the wrong reasons is evidence of that.


neil craig said...

What a self obsessed bunch these MPs are. So much fuss that Labour was making up stories about Cameron doing it with a kangaroo when most MPs & all LibBem MPs pf the time are, as Newsnight recently & very belatedly reported, involved in cutting up living human beings t0 steal their body organs. By most standards engaging in murders to obscene for Hitler is more reprehensible.

Aye We Can ! said...

When will NuLab learn that Derick Draper is a serious liablity and that he would be best sent back to that phsyciatric unit from where he came - this time as a patient.

I know they are short of "talent" in these final days of the raj, but ths guy is a just a tit. And what Union is it he works for? Those levy paying members should be told - early and often.


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