Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Let's Hear It for the Lib Dem Ladies

The latest Wikio lists are out and some of the biggest Linkclimbers are Lib Dem Ladies.

Charlotte Gore climbs 23 to 55 and Alix Mortimer shots up 16 to 44. Jenny Rigg also goes up 7 to almost tickle James Graham in the back at 49 and Caron debuts at 97.

Not to be out done Mr Costigan Quist soars into the top 70 up 22 to 69.

The full Lib Dem listings in the top 100.

8. Lib Dem Voice +1
31. Peter Black AM -4
44. People's Republic of Mortimer +16 2008 Lib Dem Blogger of the Year
zooming past the 2007 recipient
47. Quaequem Blog -8
49. Yorkshire Gob +7
55. Charlotte Gore +23
69. Himmelgarden Cafe +22
80. Stephen's Linlithgow Journal +4
89. Liberal Bureaucracy +3 (not sure what gender to count the Lady Mark)
97. Caron's Musings NE

James Graham wrote about the Blokeosphere yesterday. By my reckoning, claiming the Lady Mark's masculinity and discounting LDV, that is 5-4 just to the Lib Dem men and a pretty good case of Gender Balance for the Lib Dem bloggosphere.


Costigan Quist said...

I was hoping to soar, but perhaps sour is more accurate :-)

Charlotte Gore said...

I was absolutely convinced - convinced that the dapper Mr Quist would overtake me this month, but alas I ended up jumping a crazy number of places instead.

Sorry Costigan. Next month, that's your month - just keep doing what you're doing :)

And Stephen, thanks :)


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