Sunday, February 08, 2009

Wow has Draper Passed the Baton to Dale

This could be a case of deflective therapy over the attacks of Derek Draper. Or it may be the pressure of the Red Devils heading to Upton Park the afternoon*. But Iain Dale Tory Version 1.0 seems to have a bee in bonnet about the Lib Dem Blogosphere this morning.

First he took exception that LDV hadn't published Nick Clegg's 25 Random Things About Me, then when LDV posted a teaser which has since been updated in full following permission being granted, he took it on himself to publish the list in full in an update. Now Iain you can't accuse Draper of unreasonable bloggishness then go ahead an do the same yourself, despite Tweets and correspondence telling you this is what was going on.

Then he decides to also post about Lembit Opik's views on the Presidential election. His headline would make you imagine that "nasty LibDem bloggers" had a part in Lembit failure to become president. Now if Iain honestly saying that the Lib Dem Blogosphere which did have a debate on the issue of the candidates had that big an impact in the 70%+ success of Ros Scott he must be greatly overdilussional about the power of the Internet on internal party elections. Either that or we really do need to get our hive mentality fully in check and with the Lib Dem Blogosphere as leading the charge log on and prepare for Government.

You know it Iain, you too will be assimilated.

Resistance is futile.

*This Liverpool fan will be forever blowing bubbles if that result goes the right way.

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Caron said...

I thought the Nick's Random things was a bit rude, to be honest. That was on Facebook to be visible only to his friends and Iain Dale had no right to publish it without his permission.

There wasn't much virulent hatred of Lembit on the blogosphere. James' stuff was done very tongue in cheek and most people were more pro Ros than anything else.


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