Thursday, February 05, 2009

Top of the Pops for 25 Reasons

Do a search in Google for "25 random things about me" go on, you will, you will, you will.

This meme is a worldwide phenonum there are over 14.9 million page returns. That is actually 10 times more than yesterday evening when I started to contemplate writing this thing up. And what is that sat at the top of the heap. Only little old me, no wonder my stat porn is through the roof and staying there.

So as some of the other MSM are looking, and even doing their own lists of 25 here are 25 11, for the moment at least, interesting ones that I have found out there. These are in no particular order just ones that caught my fancy.

25 Random Things about my 49ers Fandom in the week after Superbowl why not have a look at 25 things that make you a fan.

25 Things About Being Gay on Facebook an interesting reply back at the trend from a Gay Magazine. Though there are some of the things in this list that even heterosexual Facebook users can relate to.

25 Randy, er Random Things about Jack Humphrey I'm not sure how common the thought is but I'm sure several people have send a private 25 Randy Things list off. To be honest I did and got a return.

25 Random Things About Corey J Feldman who as he says on his Twitter is no the 80's teen actor.

25 Random Things About Tom Harris MP 26 if you add the fact that Tom apparently doesn't know how to make a note on Facebook, maybe he should ask Uber Labour 2.0 John "I didn't use to do t'internet" Prescott

Who has done one as well.

25 Random Things About Queer Musings as the blogs name reflects this is very intorspecitive

25 Freaking Random Things About me that are going around in my head

25 Random Things on You Tube yeah people are Vlogging it as well.

25 Random Things From the Korean American Christian Media.

25 Random and Personal Things About John Taylor

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