Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Spring is in the Air: Don't Panic

You'd think that the melted snow has got us all in the mood for the arrival of spring. Why only yesterday Jeff was telling us of his plans to return in time for Spring Conference. Well this afteroon I experienced the novelty of weekday day light and handed in my own registration for the Lib Dem Spring Conference in Perth from the 13-15th of March. I could swear that last time we were there Ireland were also playing Scotland in the Six Nations.

However, instead of just dropping off my registration in the post box as normal I decided to hand it in personally. Probably a big mistake as on the way out I set off the Clifton Terrace panic alarm, sorry guys.

See Mr Reeves a whole blog post and not a moan about the fact that the bus was 10 minutes late. D'oh.

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