Wednesday, February 11, 2009

SNP Axe Pledge to Axe the Tax II From Tavish TV

Here is Jeremy Purvis's opinion on the SNP's decision to not follow though on their pledge to axe the council tax and replace it with local income tax.

You can read my views here.

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Malc said...

"The Lib Dems are now the ONLY party in Scotland that want to scrap the deeply unfair council tax."


I'll patiently explain the situation again... the SNP have said (as yer man Purvis rightly points out) they won't bring forward a bill because there's not enough support for it at the moment.

They still support the policy. They just aren't going to waste parliament's time with a bill that won't get more than 47 votes. The Lib Dems won't support it. And even if they did, that wouldn't be enough.

You know that. Your man Purvis knows that. Why pretend different?

Oh... wait. I see. It's that politics thing again. Knew this "budget-consensus" malarky would never last.


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