Saturday, February 28, 2009

Have UCU Outdone the Scottish Tories?

I've been asked by Mick Fealty who runs the Northern Irish blog Slugger O'Toole whether the Scottish Tories are getting the same deal as my former Minister* Reg Empey has managed for Northern Ireland as part of the Ulster Unionists dowry. Basically Cameron has promised the earth to Northern Ireland:

"What we have agreed is that all of Northern Ireland will be designated as an
enterprise zone," the UUP leader said. "It allows us to start to work on tax
issues." Asked if that would allow Northern Ireland to set a lower corporation
tax, Empey said: "I would harbour that ambition to achieve special tax status."

Judging my Annabel and Co's comments on the Lib Dems trying to get changes to taxation in Scotland. It would seem that Annabel's time around the shadow cabinet table haven't been as productive as Reg has used his time in discussions. I am of course happy to hear from any of my Scottish Conservative friends who wish to prove otherwise.

BTW I've started to write a little column for Slugger as well.

*From my time working in the Department of Enterprise Trade and Investment.

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