Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Whoops They Did it Again

You would have thought after the Damien Green affair that never again under this Government would the police be able toe search an MPs office at Westminster without a warrent. Well step into the office of Daniel Kawczynski Tory MP for Shrewsbury and Atcham cause that is just what the police have done.

Now some people defending the indefencible with Green that he had papers that he maybe shouldn't have had. But in the case of Kawczynski the police apparently been demanding to see correspondence, because a white powder, found to be flour was found in an envelope sent from his constituency. They were demanding teh correspondence from him for handwriting samples to try and trace what they fought at the time was a major incident, rather than a baking mishap.

Iain Dale in his blog intimated that this story was out there, without naming Mr Kawczynski probably because of the police involvement.

However, Mr Kawczynski admits that he "will have to live" with his decision to hand over correspondence, but having to leave the Chamber to have death with the unwarrented police search of his office, he was obviously somewhat flustered.

If the police can do this in the House of Commons without correct uthority, what chance for the rest of us?

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