Monday, January 26, 2009

What Partiality are the BBC Really Showing?

Just what are the BBC doing with regard to the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) Appeal?

Well reports in the Times say that the DEC had told the BBC that aid from the appeal was to be made available to Israeli victims of Hamas rocket attacks. So the claims of impartiality have no grounds for the BBC to uphold its decision to not show the appeal. Of course as agreed by the DEC two weeks ago little of the aid raised in this instance would go to Israel not from any sense of partisanship but based on the actual need and the proportional spilt between the two affected nations in this case.

So that only leaves the other excuse that the BBC have cobbled together in their brief statements of why they refuse to show this. That other point was that aid would not reach the intended victims. From utterances you hear from the BBC anchor to Tony Benn yesterday you can hear a line of questioning blaming this on Hamas.

On the other half of the two page spread in the Times and something I cannot at present find in the online section, is a report about just why aid and relief workers are not getting through. It is not Hamas that is the problem but the Israeli control on the border crossings that are still delaying essential supplies and workers from getting into areas where there are civilian suffering. By branding vast swathes of Gaza to be Hamas strongholds, which seeing as they won the last elections may well account for the whole of Gaza, they are stopping aid getting to the innocent. Before the conflict at least 500 Aid trucks were allowed into Gaza daily now it is 100.

Well the BBC if so much on its high horse it can shows some impartiality. What is must do is report the reason aid is not getting to those in need. It has nothing to do with Hamas and those that rule Palestine but has a lot to do with the continued control and restrictions placed on them by the siege now being carried out after the illegal occupation by Israel.

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