Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Happy Birthday Screech and...

To Dustin Diamond who played Screech on Saved by the Bell he's 32 today wow. Screech is thirty two!! Wonder if he still talks like that. Morgan Spurlock turns 39 and is probably not be going for a super sized meal at McDonalds to celebrate. Sandra Bernhard the actress is celebrating too.

Also to Thom Yorke of Radiohead who is 41, happy salutations for the day. Staying with music Mrs Sting, the model Trudi Styler is 21 again. No doubt there'll be tantric goings on to celebrate the event. And John Mellencamp, aka the artist formerly know and John Cougar Mellencamp, turns 58. While The Cure's John Parry is 60. And Paul McCartney's kid brother the singer Mike McGear is picking up his pension at 65.

Simon Cowell the ubermeister of our television viewing has got an 0 at the end of his age from today. Happy 50th Mr Cowell (though we think that's a artificially deflated age). But far more classically cellist Yo Yo Ma is 54. Mr Stephen loved it when he cameoed in the West Wing.

On that note Mr Stephen is prompting me to get political.

So Donna Rice the woman who ruined Gary Hart's chances of getting to the White House is 51 today.

Hmm head shakes blog right.

George Nethercutt former Rep. (R) for the Washingston 5th District 65. Sen. JohnThune (R) . Carolyn Bessette Kennedy the late wife of JFK jr.

Mr Stephen is getting frantic and keeps telling me to get on to Nick so here goes.

Happy Birthday Nicolas Cage.

Yes the man once famously married to Elvis's daughter but also a screen actor of note is turning 45.


Nicole Appleton of the All Saints.


Surely not Nicolas Warner the test pilot who died during tests for the Airbus.

Ah Mister Stephen had just taken up his guitar (while working on a Wills Howells tribute) and threatened to hit me with it if I don't say 4 little words.

Happy Birthday Mister Nick.

Yes the leader of the Liberal Democrats is 42 (very good number) today.

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