Thursday, January 08, 2009

Facebook Ban at Work

At work in the staff restroom areas we have a couple of PCs not linked up through the server but straight to an outside line. It is from here that the agents and other staff can access the websites that are blocked from their networked machines with the proviso that they do not breach other company guidelines regarding legality and decency.

Well it appears that as of some point since this morning that these machines are now blocking Facebook. Something that they had already blocked from desktop machines early last year. Now many of us use that site to make our arrangements for the evening weekend. Guess the agents will just be making good old-fashioned outbound calls to do any arranging just now.

I can't be bothered going back to pick up 'my' laptop just to log on to check my Facebook updates just now so I'll just have to catch up with all your goings on later folks. Once I head to the guitar shop to acquire some new strings so I can meme this.

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