Thursday, January 22, 2009

Carnival on Modern Liberty: Update

Well I have to say that I'm quite impressed that following being tagged by Tom Griffin to take part in the carnival on Modern LIberty that two of my taggees have already posted their contibutions.

War Dog has posted a piece of Liberal Civic Nationalism and McChatterer who dispite protestations that "If [he] knew anything about the subject, or had thought about it at all, this might be a good idea. But [he] do[es]n't." has come up with the goods here.

James Graham in his launch post suggested we don't tag the usual suspects, so I deliberately went outside my political sphere, and indeed my knownblogosphere to an extent, but keeping it Scottish to honour Tom's choice of me. The result is while I don't agree 100% with any of the contributions I've inspired thus far, has created two worthy and thought provoking additions.

As for my own contribution, it is in the making. I thought what could I write about and several ideas started to spin in my head. The end result is that I will posting up a series of reflections ona number of issues, working title "When Modern Liberty Butts Up Against Taboo" which I think takes McChatterers idea a little bit further.

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Stuart Winton said...

Well I'm already feeling guilty that I've missed this week's dealine, but I'm aiming for next week!!


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