Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Buildings Fail to Green Up to Expectations

Many of the Scottish Government buildings have failed to come up to the expected standards for their Energy Performance Certificates it has been revealed. Many including the Scottish Parliament had also failed to meet the deadline of yesterday to display their certificate.

St Andrew's House and Victoria Quay in Edinburgh were found to be massively energy inefficient and creating a far larger carbon footprint than they should. On the scale of A for best and G for worst the Scottish Government set out to get its buildings audited by the start of this year but many have fallen short of their expectations. While the scale goes from bad to worse it must also be noted that different building types based on possible achievable energy saving and restrictions of building face different levels of which they are deemed to be good.

Victoria Quay which has only been open for 12 years and the older St. Andrews House both achieved an E+ rating well below the C rating that would have been considered good. The Scottish Parliament Building itself at Holyrood was only displaying its draft certificate of a B yesterday, to be considered good the modern building required a B+.

However, some public buildings did meet the deadlines for displaying their certificates they include Edinburgh city council's chambers, which scored an E+, and Glasgow city council's chambers, which achieved an E. The National Museum of Rural Life near East Kilbride scored an E, while the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh was given an F+.

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