Monday, December 29, 2008

Labour Attack Bishops For Speaking the Truth

OK I've attack the church a little bit recently but when they point out that the divide between rich and poor is getting wider that is something that the Lib Dems have been pointing out to Labour for a while.

The Church is often a good judge of how the poorest are getting on as they are usually behind, involved in running or knowledgeable in the conditions of such. So when they say there is a growing divide not aided by the debt culture that is being encouraged they should be listened to.

However, Labour in what is now their usual behaviour have ignored facts and evidence that is contrary to their narrative. The five bishops had branded the government morally corrupt for encouraging a credit culture and making people live beyond their means. The fact that even government parlance of giving credits rather than benefits heightens the acceptance of credit as an acceptable way of living. The Bishops also pointed out that while the bankers have received large bail outs, the government has been doing little to help the less well off in comparison, the government being tight fisted in what it offers the people who actually suffer.

Facing the government itself has borrowed over and over to gets itself out of difficulties far from being a prudent hoarder saver of wealth when available. See the government likes to talk the talk on poverty, but apart from actions in the first four years of Labour governance that has been all they have done. They have been all talk and failing to walk the walk in successive budgets and plans since.

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