Monday, December 15, 2008

Double Take on the Graphs

I know I was blogging light last week what with a busy Monday and days off on Thursday and Friday so I didn't expect to see much traffic when I hit the stat meters today. I looked at the graphs for weekly traffic this morning in disbelief as even I recalled not being that bad when I last checked on Wednesday.

Then I realised that the daily chart was measuring in ks rather than hundreds. Gulped on my tea to realise that Wednesday produced 1,314 unique visitors. Sadly as I tweeted on the day most of these seemed to have come from Yahoo news sites and not LDV so I may not make the Golden Dozen on merit. But it appears that both China and Gordon Brown helped soar this blog to its biggest day in history to equal measure.

It was also the first time that visits from the USA surpassed those from the UK when I hadn't been posting about the Presidential Election. So maybe there is hope for the US if they are concerned about international events.

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