Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Westminster Attacking Devolution

Well Westminster is clearly attacking Scottish devolved powers both over Trident placement and new nuclear power stations. In two submissions made to the Calman commission according to reports in the Scotsman today.

Over Trident's placement there is cross party opposition, north of the border, to Trident's replacement, which is currently situated on the Clyde. In June last year Holyrood passed a motion recognising that defence was reserved but opposing the government's decision to maintain the deterrent capability.

The disagreement over energy provision, which is a fully devolved issue is that successive Scottish Parliaments have set far higher renewable energy targets than Westminster, have sought to achieve this without the use of new nuclear stations. Something that is achievable through the wealth of Scotland’s many natural resources. Indeed with the correct blend of generation systems continuity of supply can be maintained. Something that the wind dominated Westminster mindset fails to realise. The need for nuclear and for it's placement to have to be in Scotland are two fallacies that Labour in Westminster are trying to propagate.

However, Labour were one of the parties that launched the Calman commission into Scotland's devolved powers. But now their Westminster mandarins appear to be pulling in on the leash. Are London Labour doing this out of cowardice of the SNP?

Reigning in powers in Scotland is not the way Labour should be looking to counter a SNP threat. Giving more power while within the union mitigates against the need for independence, but Labour seem to be backed up to thier own wicket by Alex Salmond and seem incapable of seeing beyond their noses just now. Merely playing defensive strokes as far as Scotland is concerned, unable to come down the crease and attack.

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