Sunday, November 16, 2008

West Lothian Marathon

It's amazing what you can stumble across purely by accident or through google alerts to be honest. The end result is that I'm considering coming out of retirement to take part in the inaugural West Lothian half marathon next May.

As the initial even it to be held in Bathgate, I shouldn't have far to go to the start line. So I'll be dusting off buying new running shoes. It will be the first time in ages I'll have run for charity (other than the entry fee) and the charities that I would run for would be Marie Curie and Cancer Research in memory of my dad. I had actually been considering some sort of charity run or cycle for these organisations since I've been fit enough to do something, and this one looks like the ideal first steps to do something at my own (rather slower than before) pace.

I'll be adding the site and blog for this event to my blogroll.

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