Monday, November 17, 2008

Strictly Come Mandy

It appears that Lord Voldemort of Hartlepool and Foy is dying to get on his dancing shoes on a Saturday night.

Yes not content with being the Spectator's poitical 'newcomer' of the year the Labour peer is jealous of John Sergeant for being able to appear on Strictly Come Dancing every saturday night. While the economy may be the burning issue for most people, the Business minister while on BBC Breakfast was asked about the political correspondents appearances on the show and said:

"I was cheering for John Sergeant on Saturday with, I have to say, a degree
of... envy."

He went on to respond to a follow up would he compete in the show if asked he said, "It would be nice to be asked." Now if anyone should be capable of spinning the public vote in their favour more than John Sergeant has done so far this season it may well be Tony Blair's former spin doctor. Although if he really is as good a dancer as he boasts he may not need to rely on public support as much as John has had to in recent weeks.

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