Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Expelled Councillor to Seek Appeal

Cllr Debra Storr who was expelled from the Aberdeenshire Council Lib Dem Group after what she claims was a witch hunt is seeking to appeal that decision. She has written to the Scottish Party President Malcolm Bruce asking for the case to be reviewed by the party's internal appeal process.

However, this does require agreement from the group that has expelled her. The leader of the Group, Anne Robertson has already said that she did not think there was any merit in "continued dialogue" of matters no connected to the council's future aims adding:

"The Liberal Democrat administration would prefer to turn attention to major
policies and initiatives being brought forward."

It therefore looks unlikely that such agreement will be made but as Debra said:

"If the council group leadership are confident in the probity of their decision,
then they have nothing to fear."

Martin Ford who's casting vote led to the overturning of the original Trump proposal at local level has withdrawn from the Council Group meetings in support of Debra. A move that may also lead to his own eventual expulsion from the group.

I notice there is a very uninformed correspondent in these week's Press and Journal who maybe should read Debra's precognition summary of the application to show that there always were alternatives to Trump's plans.


Stuart Winton said...

Yes, the P&J correspondent claims that the application was dismissed "out of hand", yet self-evidently thinks the plans should have just been rubber-stamped, but because they weren't others had to "clear up the mess".

Anonymous said...

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Stephen Glenn said...

Indeed Stuart very sad what some people consider to be a mess and how prepared they are to kow tow to money no matter what other consequences may be involved.


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