Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Markinch Cries "Let What Train Take the Strain?"

One of Liberal Democrat candidate Harry Wills' campaigns in the Glenrothes by election has been about the unfair fares that the people of Fife face on the train. They pay greater fares that the people of Perth pay to get to Edinburgh for example.

However, the people of Markinch now face greater unfairness as their 9:04 train into Edinburgh looks set to disappear off the winter timetable. This would leave a 98 minute gap between trains at 8.31am and 10.09am a busy commuting time of the morning. With a greater number of people working flexible hours the removal of a 9:04 service may well disadvantage parents who drop their children to school before catching the 9:04 catching a later or earlier train may not be convenient to everyone.

If the removal of this service is made it looks set to see an increase of road usage to make up for its loss. Not a great move to the environment and climate change.

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