Wednesday, September 10, 2008

World Still Exists! Is this Due to One Way Traffic?

OK the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) has been fired up, but before everyone breathes too big a sigh of relieve protons are currently only going in one direction. you see they having starting the ones going in the other direction yet, nor the deflection of the two once they hit full speed.

Not that I'm necessarily a doom sayer but rumours of the Earth's survival have yet to be cleared up, counted clarified and appraised after the scientists make crash test dummies of us all.

So just in case you haven't received* the directions from Prak on how to get to God's final message to his creation written in large letters of fire I'll let you into a little secret.

Meanwhile in tribute to the words of Michael Caine we ask the scientists to only blow the doors off and keep to that remit.

UPDATE: Since I wrote this I got to thinking. If LHC is trying to replicate the bib bang surely the least likely outcome would be that we'd get sucked into a quantum singularity or a black hole. Surely at the point of big bang there be explosion not implosion and we end up getting scattered to the ends of the galaxy waiting for the micro gravity of our component parts to cohere together to form glubs of mass somewhere out in the void. So it looks like it may not be a Vogon Construcutor Fleet we have to worry about after all. People of earth your attention please.

* That includes Scottish Tory Boy for one, more than likely, based on this. Though not Holyrood Patter.

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