Friday, September 12, 2008

Who is this Stephen Linlithgow?

Caron has received her copy of Total Politics Guide to Political Blogging in the UK 2008-9 but apparently in the Scottish section there is the following quote:

"reading the likes of Fraser MacPherson, Stephen Linlithgow and Underdogs Bite
Upwards is a useful insight into Lib Dem thinking and how this might
affect things in Edinburgh"
Erm, who is this super blogger? Sarge?
Rosemary the telephone operator?
Penry the mild-mannered janitor?
Erm...enough of this phooey.
It says quite clearly at the top of this page under the title "Blog of Stephen Glenn". Even the posted by bit at the bottom of each entry unless done by Lionel de Livi a rather fluffy Lib Dem and sportsmad addition in recent months says Stephen Glenn. So who this Stephen Linlithgow guy is I have no idea, furtunatly if you google Stephen Linlithgow this blog is the top hit which is better than under my real name where the blog is only 4th* so maybe I'll be changing it by deed poll. Only joking mum.
At least Nich Starling of Norfolk fame gets it right with hios quote in the Lib Dem section and probably sums up the essence of my blog in the quote he took the one about about attacking when you need to and praising when I can.
Anyhoo my name's in print, again, along with a whole host of others, ad plenty of articles about political blogging across the United Kingdom of all shades from all corners. If you are going to conference make sure you get a copy or click on the pic at the top to link through to order it for yourself if like me you aren't heading to a conference this autumn.
*Although the top hit is this article by me for Our Kingdom and second is me guest editing the Scottish Roundup.


Jennie said...

I'll probably have a flick through someone else's, but I don't really want to fund the Tory party by handing over £13 to Total Politics, which is owned and run by Tories no matter how impartial it tries to be, thanks.

Ethical shopping and all that ;)

Stephen Glenn said...

Yeah I'm trying to see it someone can pick me up a freebie from Conference as well ;)


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