Monday, September 08, 2008

Unionist Says No to Cameron: Just Who Will Speak for the Poor?

Ulster Unionist MLA Chris McGimpsey has put his own person kibosh on Dave "caring" Cameron's plans to merge the Conservatives and Unionists once more. Interesting in light of Dave's apparently more considerate and caring conservative brand one of the key reasons that Mr McGimpsey, who's bother Michael is the Health Secretary in the Assembly, is that it would "deprive working-class Northern Ireland of an important voice".

Now that is a sting in a tail not just to the merger but to the Conservatives appearance as reaching out across the political divide. All the more reason for the Lib Dems to stand up for hard working people everywhere, not just as Jennie Rigg rants about just those in families Nick. If the Tories aren't viewed as standing up for the working class and Labour are only happy with them as long as they fleece more taxes out of them the working class need a voice. Liberals down through history have long been radical in workers rights and reforms and are ideally placed to be so once more, lets not be branded like the other two main parties for the sake of sameness being less of an issue. We always have been looking for fairness to those most affected by poverty so let's take the argument to the place it needs to go rather than follow the headless chickens in the wrong direction.

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