Friday, September 19, 2008

They Say It's Your Birthday

It doesn't really matter if its raining or its fine,
Just as long as you've got time,
To P-L-A-Y, P-L-A-Y,
Playaway, Playaway, Playaway.

Robin: Holy Makeral Batman one time presenter of kids show Playaway, Jeremy Irons is 60 today.

Batman: That's very true Robin but he went on to many other things and is considered a serioius thesbian these days. Winning an Oscar an Golden Globe for Reversal of Furtune as well as other awards and nominations.

Robin: But don't you also have an important birthday today Batman?

Batman: Well not me personally Robin but yes Adam West (right) who played me from 1966-1968 on television and in a film turns 80 today.

Robin: WOW! So who else is blowing out candles today then Batman?

Batman: Well Xandra Rhodes the fashion designer, Twiggy the model, Niles Rogers the record producer, Jarvis Cocker the singer, David Seaman the footballer and a Liberal Democrat blogger to name but a few. It's also 38 years since the first Glastonbury festival was held.

Robin: Ding! What a day uh Batman.

Batman: It certainly is Robin.

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