Monday, September 01, 2008

Ros Kickstarts in My Old Stomping Ground

Well having already seen Ros Scott on here recent trip to Scotland I was intrigued to read on her other's half blog why her campaign website is going live at 17:16 this evening and even more excited that the explanation takes her back to my old stomping grounds.

You see on the 17:16 to Chessington South Ros if she looks out the of the right hand side as the train moves will be able to see the last house I occupied in the last ward I lived in with Lib Dem councillors just before she pulls into Malden Manor. Then she's off to Chessingtson South for a mass canvas, which seeing as I spent the majority of my student days living in Chessington almost right beside the A3, means she'll be kick starting her campaign for President while heading not just to a place I know well, but will probably be on at least some streets I have been along.

As the button on the left hand side shows, I've already given my support to Ros in this Presidential election. I know she really is serious about putting the memberships' concerns at the heart of the Presidency. I guess I'll just have to catch up with canvassing in Glenrothes and poppadoms some other time though.

Update: On reading further on her website she was rumping along the streets of Tolworth where I lived in my first year at Kingston. Even more trips down memory lane.


James said...

All this time I thought those I'm 4 Ros things were badly cropped I'm 4 Ross (Finnie) banners.

I suppose that's because I've not been paying enough attention. Apologies.

Also, off topic, is there an option in your blog settings to put the whole entry in the RSS feed? I only get snippets, which is frustrating.

Stephen Glenn said...

I take it James you weren't at the table when I explained that during the festival. Yeah all terribly confusing I suspect.

Hopefully my RSS feed now has full content I've taken it off short.


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