Friday, September 26, 2008

O Unlucky Man

A pastiche after Tom Harris MP

GORDON Brown really hasn't been very lucky in his short time as Labour leader, has he? First there was his anointed to the leadership as nobody then wished to stand against him which hardly gives him a mandate. Then there was the Miliband article which ended up with the clarion call to make our case afresh and a will he/won’t he challenge suspense ever since. Then there was the sudden reappearance of the tax he'd taken away in his last budget as chancellor in September pay packets. Then he couldn't quite remember who was left in various posts as they seem to keep resigning.

And now this.

Does that imply an abstinence only approach to child raising and for women in the developing world?

(I could also add his strange obsession with Prudence which, although often quoted in Budget speeches, did not include putting aside for a rainy day which we now find him scrambling around trying to accomplish.)

And that dull, mirthless sharpening of knives you hear in the distance is it Charles Clarke, Jack Straw, Ruth Kelly, Michvid Heselband…?

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