Friday, September 12, 2008

Lipstick on a Pig: Try a Frog

This news is brought to you by the letters L, B and O and by the number 8 but that's enough on with the news.

A well known Hollywood celebrity has spoken out regarding the the latest highlight in the press about putting lipstick on a pig and leaving it's status as still a pig.

When interviewed in her Hollywood Hills mansion the star of stage and screen (pictured left) said:

"Moi, always manages to put lipstick on a pig, mon cher-ee. I wouldn't leave the
house in the morning without doing so."
Asked what brand she used to that stayed on the reply came back under a flinging arm.

"A lady never discloses the secrets of her make up table. Unless they are paid to do so in an exclus-eev high valued contract. I wouldn't betray that trust that Revlon has placed in moi to reach out to the porcine market place."
Asked what she felt about comments that putting lipstick on a pig was being conceived as a difficult task she retorted.
"Hah! That is nothing sweety. You try putting lipstick on a frog. That is harder, but something I aim to do every day."
We did ask the opinion of a frog on this matter but he insisted that the camera was not point at him so we pointed it to th ground while we interviewed him.
"That Mr. Obama is one lucky man. I used to front a very popular variety show and he would have been on our show by now if that was still running. He would then have realised how difficult it is to prevent getting lipstick off a pig.....(he was looking around furtively) you. The best way is to try and avoid Piggy's lips in the first place."
So here in the Tinsletown the debate about lipstick and pigs carries on.

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