Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Last One Out Please Visit the Palace

Remember the good old days when John Major faced a vote of confidence in the House of Commons. Well it looks like not even confidence these days is a matter for the House to hear about.

Heaven only knows who Gordon would get to whip a vote of confidence, or vote for him in one especially now that David Cairns is the first Minister to resign on the issue of his continued leadership. Although last I heard my MP Michael Connarty was still backing his man even saying he should get himself to Glenrothes, so with Miliband standing firm, although that may be yesterday's news, that's at least 3 votes for him come the conference.

Looks like it may be a case of musical chairs around the cabinet table over the next couple of days now that the first minster has vacated his chair. Just as long as the last one left in the room with Gordon remembers to call on the Queen to advise her that s/he will be forming the next government.

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