Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Just Outside the Top Ten

Yeah it was just like Christmas Day the first site I looked at when I logged on was Ian Dale's to see the Top 40 Scottish Blogs. After being in Iain Dale's first Top 100 Lib Dem Blogs in 2006 before dropping of the edge of the blogosphere last year I was interested to see how my return shaped up. Well I was just pipped out of the top ten at eleventh so thanks for the votes readers and Iain for compiling the lists yet again.

The ten the beat me were:

  1. Tom Harris MP
  2. Mr Eugenides
  3. SNP Tactical Voting
  4. J. Arthur McNumpty
  5. Kezia Dugdale's Soapbox
  6. Scottish Tory Boy
  7. Ideas of Civilisation
  8. The Two Doctors
  9. Scots and Independent
  10. Adam Smith was a Socialist

All worthy of a being in there I reckon though a little disappointed that the excellent Ideas of Civilisation was only 7th. Glad to say I'm not the only Lib Dem in the Top 40, only the highest placed, especially as Scottish Tory Boy did erroneously state earlier in the year there were none in Scotland.

22. Fraser Macpherson

26. Anything Caron Can Do

29. Sounds of Gunfire

30. Caron's Musings

35. Katy Gordon

36. Andrew Reeves

All join me in the melee. While the BBC's own Brian Taylor only manages to be the 15th best Scottish Political blog, which even though one of the better blogs by someone in the mainstream media does show that the 'independent' bloggers can carry more oomph or clout than the MSM can partially because they can be partisan or non-partisan in a harder edged way than others can be.

Tomorrow we'll find out how the Top Scottish Lib Dem Blog fairs in the Top 50 Lib Dem Blogs.

Updated: On releasing the Lib Dem list it was apparent that Iain Dale had left Anything Caron Can Do... off the Scottish list. He has corrected it on his website but will sadly not be corrected in print as this has gone to the printers.

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