Thursday, August 07, 2008

Green Whisky

No don't be alarmed they aren't adding dye to Scotland's favourite dram but Diageo are linking up with energy company Dalkia to create a bio-energy plant at Cameronbridge, Fife. Using two of the distilling industries bi-products the wash and steam used at the plant to create the largest non-utility company plants of its kind in the UK.

The net effect of using 90,000 tonnes of residue that would normally need transporting off site to would result in the project seeing a cut of 56,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually, the equivalent of 44,000 family cars. Its good to see big industry not just thinking about how to go green but also working in combination with energy companies in how they can use waste products effectively to help combat climate change as best they can.

Although this particualar scheme set for Cameronbridge is on a large scale there are many smaller schemes that could be implemented by other producers and careful consideration should be taken by companies setting up or expanding and the Government in how to encourage and develop these alternative fuel sources and provisions.

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